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Florida Buds Magazine

Florida Medical Cannabis culture, news, community education and reviews.    We bring back traditional media to slow you down and enjoy the moment.

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Industry News by local MMJ Community Activist

Top Cultivar Reviews

Dispensary Community Outreach Assistance

CBD Hemp Products Reviews

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  • You can target a specific audience for a period of time more effectively

  • Better attention span and retention

  • Unplug to ease the anxiety

  • A higher credibility to Digital. Print offers higher quality more trusted content.

  • Influence to influencers. Digital influencers use print media.

  • Effectively communicate your message and drive the action and narrative, take the power away from digital media back to your audience.

  • Tactile learning and physical interaction, it is so satisfying to flip through the beautiful pages.  Internet is great but there is a big value on traditional print that leaves an impression on your audience.

  • Targeted content specific to your audience that visit your store.  Do they ever click on a banner ad ? No, but they will surely grab the magazine while they wait in the store.

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